Once all perfumes were natural, animal or botanical based, or both. Since natural and even organic ingredients are expensive, natural ingredients did not interest perfumers so much as synthetic ones which appeared early in the 20th century. They were cheap and had more tenacity, more synthetic fixatives were created in labs. Contemporary perfumers claim that synthetics offer a wider range of scents while the followers of all natural botanical perfumes claim that nothing can beat natural ingredients. Well, for me reason nr 1 why I stopped using synthetic ingredients was the fact that I learnt how unhealthy they were. 99% of all high end perfumes are synthetic unless stated otherwise. Well they do mention some natural ingredients but as long as they are not 100% pure in their nature, they cannot be considered natural.

How do natural perfumes differ and why are they becoming more popular these days?

Natural perfumes and natural ingredients (essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts, concretes, tinctures, etc.) differ in their composition and tenacity from synthetic ones. Natural perfumes need to be re-applied a bit more often then conventional perfumes, well isn`t it natural that many things disappear and revive in the nature many times? Besides, natural perfumes interact with our chemistry and create a unique aroma for each person. Properly made natural perfumes do not bother other people around you with their scent, they are subtle, mild, but still intense with every note they have with time. Top citrus notes flow into beautiful floral notes which in their turn change into deep and rich base notes. A properly formulated natural perfume can stay up to 3-5 hours, some stay longer (those usually have animal products in, some are cruelty free, some are not). Synthetic perfumes cause allergies, asthma, skin irritation, etc. On the other hand natural perfumes are potent too due to the presence of concentrated essences. However such essences must be used wisely and must be avoided by pregnant and nursing women. If you prefer light versions, choose less concentrated sprays/oils.

Wear your natural perfume on your skin, clothes or hair, whichever you like. Use only a couple of drops or more if necessary. Re-apply during the day if you wish. Some people do get tired from intense aromas, so natural perfumes are perfect for those who avoid synthetic ingredients and a strong scent.

Directions: Perfumes/Parfum and Eau de Parfum: apply a little onto your pulse points (your wrists, elbow creases, neck or decollete) as well as hair or clothes. Small bottles are very comfortable, you can put them in your purse & re-apply during the day. For Eau de Cologne: splash 1-2 times on your palms, apply on the lower part of your face, chest, neck, behind ears. Repeat 1-3 times a day if necessary.

All our perfumes are cruelty free and vegan. If animal products are used, they are only cruelty free (beeswax and some tinctures).

Our perfumes have oil or alcohol base. We use jojoba oil or pure natural alcohol for spray perfumes. Oil based perfumes are suitable for people with sensitive skin.

If you are pregnant and nursing, please e-mail us so that we could create custom products for you!