I have talked about dry skin in one of my previous posts. But many people still ask me about face skin. Because we follow a holistic approach, we believe that it is always good to think of other factors to improve your skin health besides using natural skin care products. Which factors influence face skin health?


According to sleep experts women and men between 26-64 need 7-9 hours of sleep. Do you get enough of sleep every day? This can impact your overall look, eye area, skin tone, elasticity, etc. Make it a daily habit to have a strict sleep schedule.


That is a topic everyone likes to talk about. There are two different sides on water consumption. But there is just one truth which we forget: we replace water with other drinks, full of sugar or alcohol. Just make sure you drink enough of pure water every day. There is also a good habit to drink one glass of pure water as soon as you wake up, about 30 min before having breakfast.


What are your daily meals? Do you watch how much sugar, salt, spicy food, junk food, veggies, meat you eat every day? Remember this golden rule: less sugar, spicy, junk food, meat. More veggies, fruits, cereals. If talking about alcohol, go for organic beverages.


Well too much has been said about sunscreen but there are many other factors which influence your skin health. Be logic and consider the following before applying sunscreen: Where do you live? Do you wear protection like a hat, good breathable natural fabric clothes with long sleeves if necessary? Do you stay indoors during the hottest period of the day in summer (12 pm-4 pm)? In many cases you can avoid applying sunscreen, but if there is no way to avoid harsh sun, use the natural one.


Yes, a strange factor but: how often have you noticed that you touch your face during the day? This is a bad habit because your hands can transfer bacteria and if your skin is especially sensitive and oily, this can trigger breakouts.

Dairy products

Probably, if you found us you were looking for vegan and cruelty free skin care which means that we do not support using animal products if they cause pain and death. Lactose intolerance can be one of the main reasons of acne. Many people fight it for years without even thinking that they might be allergic to cow milk products. Another good reason to switch to vegan food.

Shower/Bath Time

How much time do you spend in the shower/bath? Is your water warm or hot? Too much time spent in the shower and bath every day and too hot water can dry out your skin. In fact cold water is recommended for those having acne and as a general toner because an everyday cold face wash with pure water increases blood circulation and closes pores. So use it as the last cycle of your daily face wash routine.

Cleanse, Exfoliate, Hydrate, Moisturize, Replenish

This is my 5 step program to take care of my face skin. Follow our webshop and social media to be the first one to get the latest updates on the new products. It is not always enough just to use them, I highly recommend to follow the instructions and the rituals listed under each product. There are tips which help you apply face oil or mask and get more effective results. Moreover we focus on rituals which are part of Slow Beauty skin care.

There are many other factors but I have listed those which can drastically change the condition of your skin.