I think your hair condition is one of the most important signs of self-care, health and the quality of your hair products. Smooth, shining and thick hair is every woman`s dream.

I would like to share my story and my experience as a natural skin care creator and as a woman who once decided to switch to natural products. A couple of years ago I thought I was brave enough to change something about my hair care, you know, when you think, your hair feels and looks good, you do not feel like changing anything, whatever sits in that hair shampoo or conditioner, as long as you look good, you think you have no time for any research. But I am one of those inquisitive minds and I need to know what is in fact in my shampoo and conditioner. Well, when I learnt the truth, I never wanted to go back to any shampoo any more.

What is the truth in short? Mass market liquid shampoos contain not only parabens, harsh preservatives and surfactants, but also silicones which are responsible for the good look our hair has. Yes, whatever is used in those shampoos, silicones cover your hair and make it look healthy and good. But what stays under that layer? I will tell you. In fact you will see it yourself, how thick and sticky silicones are. Try not to use your shampoo for a few weeks, switch to any natural method you prefer: soda, natural shampoo bar, vinegar, whatever! Your hair will need a few days or even weeks and months to adjust, that is to lose all those silicones from your hair. It means that your hair will look really bad and greasy as the film gets loose and gets off your hair. I had the same, it took me about 2-3 months to get rid of chemicals. Remember that hair and your scalp are able to absorb part of those chemicals. Now think about kids and babies for a moment. Unfortunately all those baby shampoos contain the same amount of chemicals which are too harsh for sensitive skin and thin baby hair.

I did struggle with my hair the first few weeks but I was ready for that. One day I noticed my hair looked just good. Good, without any conditioner, well all I used after my soap was a vinegar rinse, and good without any big investments. One bar of soap can be used for about 2-3 moths depending on your hair length. I lather it on my wet hair, I get lots of foam, wash it off and get my vinegar rinse once in a while. And I am happy, simply happy. I have natural curly hair, which is dry and frizzy. I do wash my hair every 2-3 days but I am not scared of silicones anymore, because they are not there, if necessary I can wash it every day, this is not a problem.

I am an average woman who lacks time and energy for hair care. But natural hair care does not mean you have to spend more time on that. You become more aware of the products you use, of the chemicals your skin can absorb, of the consequences you may have and of the impact your products can have on the environment. Traditional artisan soaps are made with formulas which make shampoo bars very gentle and nourishing for hair. They are not tear free and cannot be. Simply because one will need to use extra chemicals for that and this is excluded.

A hair mask from time to time can give lots of vitamins to your hair. Use plant oil and leave it for about 1 hour under a special hair cap and a towel. Coconut oil can make your hair dry, use argan, avocado or castor oil. A good concentration of oils called hair serum can be used every other time on your slightly damp hair ends to keep your hair smooth and shiny. Use only a couple of drops, add more if necessary.

It is not about showing how bad all those skin care brands are, it is about a conscious choice. I always repeat it and will keep on doing so: please read the ingredients for any product you put on your hair or skin. It is not that hard to google them. A truly natural brand, if you are looking for one, will have a transparent list of cruelty free ingredients, zero chemicals and zero greenwashing.

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