When I tried using oil as my natural treatment and moisturizer for the first time in my life I hated that fatty feeling on my face and the first thought was: I do not think I will use it anymore!

Well, I was very determined to switch to natural skin care so I gave it another try after I did my own research. And this is how every woman should start her journey to natural living. You may hate it first, you may love it but we always forget one important thing: natural ingredients must be used in a different way! This is the point you must remember all the time!


So rule number one for facial serums: use it on clean and slightly damp skin which means use it IMMEDIATELY after washing your face! Why? This will help oils penetrate your skin. Our bodies consist of water, oil and water do not mix together, that is why it is so hard for oil to go through your dry skin.

But why do I still have that fatty feeling even after applying it on damp skin? My skin looks oily and is in fact shining. This was my second thought. After a few attempts I concluded another important point.

Rule number two says: oil based skin care must be applied in small amounts and needs more time to be absorbed.

But how much time? And how much must be used? This is the best part and this will be music to your ears: oil based skin care saves you money because in fact you need to apply 2-3 times less than water based cream. And if we talk about face serum, a concentrated blend of precious oils, we have to use 5-10 drops depending on your skin type.

Serums are made of plant oils, essential oils, absolutes and other natural plant extracts. Different oils are extracted by various methods, that is why they have different names. But they all carry the quintessence of the nature.

In fact face serums can be applied 1-2 times a day, you can combine them with oil based face balm in winter and Face Elixir. Balms have a thicker consistency but one has to follow the same rules in application.

It is not only about natural components, zero preservatives and a long shelf life which make face serum unique, it is their ability to protect your skin whatever skin type you have. Face serum can be used both for dry and oily skin, as well as very sensitive and rosacea prone one.

Another question which I had when I first started my research on face serums was: why are they so expensive?

An effective face serum needs a proper formula. Skin care creators make formulas for each skin type, taking into account essential oil, absolute and other extract proportions. Some oils must be used with caution as there are legal limitations on them in the EU. Some oils or oil combinations may cause acne breakouts. Besides that each recipe must be registered in the EU cosmetic database which is an investment for small skin care creators. Generally speaking the word “expensive” is relative too. I would ask a question: Is this face serum worth this price?

So, let’s define 3 important criteria for a good face serum: ingredients transparency, volume and shelf life.

Every skin care company focusing on natural ingredients must explicitly list all the ingredients, a good bottle of face serum is between 15 and 30 ml, a good shelf life of face serum is min 6 months and longer.

As you all know we list ALL the ingredients we use, except for essential oils which are marked as aroma, which means it is a natural therapeutic blend of essential oils.

So what is the difference between face oil & face serum and who needs to use serum?

Face oil is a combination of a few common oils such as sweet almond or olive with essential oils, while face serum is a blend of more expensive oils and extracts which are more effective for sensitive skin. Face oils can be mixed at home and can be used daily for normal skin. But if your skin is getting mature, gets irritated, is prone to acne, is sensitive to the sun or cold, you need a more elaborate skin care product. Women and men of any age can benefit from using face serum every day or a few times a week.

What is in fact Face Elixir and how does it differ from Face Serum?

Face Elixir is part of our recommended weekly regimen which means you can use it 1-2 times a week as an additional source nutrients to get a replenishing power of botanicals. When I say replenish it means that Elixir is at least two times more concentrated with oils, extracts and, additionally, plant based active ingredients which are not found in nature in its original form but have been made to enhance the properties of Elixir and its components. Those include plant based squalane, for example.

Our Face Serum and Face Elixir have delightful and all natural scents which are in fact blends of essential oils whose main role is to protect your skin from air pollution and other external irritants. Essential oils as well as plant oils help restore skin cells which helps your skin look extremely smooth, radiant and healthy.

What to use before and after Face Serum and Face Elixir?

Follow our Rituals which you can find in the description of each product. We give step-by-step directions on how to properly use our products and get the best results!