Ahimsa or peace silk is a cruelty free or humane version of traditional silk. It is gaining more popularity among environmentalists and ethical fashion brands.

I use Tussah peace silk. You can find it in my shampoo bars and the new Ahimsa Silk Soap Collection which will include: Green Tea Soap, Rice Milk Soap & Jasmine Soap. The first two kinds (see the photo) are going to be available in July.

The lather of silk soaps is absolutely incredible, it is smooth and creamy, people feel the difference between silk soaps and the rest of my soaps immediately!
The soaps are scented with lime, coriander and ravintsara essential oils.

If you have noticed I am creating sumptuous soap collections these days. It means that the packaging is going to be different too! You will be able to find soap sets for gifts, samples or travel sets and many other new things in July. The most important thing is that these collections are going to be limited, because in order to make an exceptional and beautiful soap, a soapmaker needs to make them in small batches. For the current customers: you can always reserve new soaps!