Dry, irritated, itching and very sensitive skin is the result of improper care. It is not enough to moisturize your skin, it is also important to gently cleanse it and take regular care of it. Olive oil has been one of the most moisturizing and most affordable ways to cleanse skin. Olive oil soaps are considered to be one of the best soaps which can be used both for your face and body. I have opened a box of Olive Oil soap which has been curing for 1 year. This long period makes olive oil soaps very soft, their lather gets creamy. But there is an important BUT: olive oil soaps should never be left in water, like all natural soaps. This may destroy them as they become too soft and lose their hardness.

For the best result I always have two olive oil soaps which are rotated in my bathroom, to make them dry first before the next usage.
I use olive oils soaps to remove makeup (but not on my eyes!) and just to gently cleanse my face daily. This is the 1st option I recommend when people ask me which natural soap they must try first. A genuine natural treasure!

This time the amount unsaponified oils, free nourishing oils which have not become soap, is 15%. That is a big and rare amount for natural soap.

The soaps will be available until they are sold out. The number is limited and most probably they will not be available until the next summer.

So I highly recommend to get a good full stock of Castile soap if you are a fan of olive oil and you avoid harsh synthetic detergent like body gels.

Available here.