I know you may have dozens of questions before starting to use all natural ingredients. It is really a different experience and you will have to adjust your routine and get used to some new habits. Here we go.

All natural products have a shorter shelf life but we give a minimum of 6-12 months for each product. No, you do not need to keep our products in the fridge! They are formulated to be stored on your bathroom shelf.

But all bottles and jars must be kept away from contact with water.

We do not use synthetic preservatives.

All product pages have instructions (rituals) which may seem a bit tricky to follow at the beginning, but after 1-3 times of use, you will quickly get used to the routine! It is very important to follow the rituals, you will learn the proper way of usage and get the best results!

We highly recommend to exclude other non-natural skin care products when you use our skin care. Why? Your skin condition may not improve in the end. To see the results you have to use whole, organic skin care.

Most of our products (face oils, powders, masks, balms) need to be used two times less at a time than non-natural skin care. Balms and oils must be used sparingly.

Soaps must be kept in a dry place even when in use! This will help them last much longer!

Some of our products have lavish and rare ingredients in addition to unique formulations for the best slow beauty experience. Our eco-friendly packaging and small batches of production make our products stay fresh, safe and earth friendly. This was a reply to your question about high pricing.

Shampoo soaps need a few days/weeks of adjustment to help your hair get rid of nasty silicons from your previous shampoo. So your hair may look greasy and dirty at the beginning.

Natural ingredients differ from synthetic skin care. They do not provide a fast effect. But they do provide a long lasting  and healthy approach to your skin care. Your skin must adjust to it and get the nutrients over the course of a few days to get a smooth, glowing and healthy look. We recommend to give your skin about two weeks before you can judge the efficacy.

We know it is best to hold, touch and even try the product before you buy it, that is why very soon our products will be available in stores.