Organic Plum Kernel Oil
Prunus Domestica Seed Oil


One certain way to get the best nutrients for your face and body skin is through using pure unrefined organic ingredients.

To start the Pure Collection of Organic Oils I would like you to try the most delicious oil I have ever tried on my skin:

Organic Plum Kernel Oil from Gascogny, France.

Pure, cold press virgin oil is rich in natural antioxidants and has a long shelf life.

Scent: delicious smell of bitter almond, frangipane

How and when to use it?

The easiest way to incorporate it into your skin care regimen is to use it as face oil, for best results do it at bed time: about 5-7 drops every evening will be the best treatment your dry and sensitive skin can have!

A couple of drops on your lips will help you apply your lipstick smoothly.

A few drops on your palms and then spread on your hair ends will help protect your dry hair.

A few drops on a cotton pad to remove makeup from eye area.

Add a few drops to your face mask and enjoy the aroma and nutrients!

How do you use our Organic Plum Kernel Oil?

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