One day of a natural soap maker

Some tricky and so so much points for our soap users and those interested in natural soap making.

Packing and wrapping soap is fun as long as you remember to have your gloves on to keep your finger prints off the soap.

The only problem natural soap makers encounter at the beginning is keeping all that natural essential oil scent in. Natural means volatile! Well, if soaps leave your shelves fast enough, there is no problem at all!

The problem I have had from the very start is finding an easy and eco-friendly packaging. Well, I went back to paper, this time bamboo paper. It was a bit of a challenge to find it. But I am always for either recycled or bamboo options.

These scented soaps (spruce for charcoal and wintergreen for French green clay) have a rope. Why? Hanging your soap helps it stay dry between uses and it is an aesthetic accessory which many people appreciate.

It is a bit hard to keep soaps of different colours as they get dirty really-really fast. So I have to be careful to store white clay soap with charcoal soap on one shelf.

Sometimes I waste packaging too. It happens for many reasons. I also waste soap which fails and does not look that nice for sale. Then you may guess I have many soaps for myself, in fact too many!

In fact I had two major soap fails, but there is one certain way to upcycle it: use it for the laundry. It always works!

Get a small cotton pouch and put all soap leftovers from your bathroom and you will be able to use to wash all your laundry. It works much better than powder or liquid.