Every day we experience, enjoy and overcome dozens of different emotions. We feel happy, sad, exhausted, stressed, etc. Our moods tend to soar and this leaves us weary of the changes our mind has to go through. We play different roles as partners, parents, friends, kids, etc. We are children to our parents and parents to our kids.

Our life is hectic and we have less and less time to think of the most important source of our well-being: our mind. Probably you have heard it many times that a healthy mind has a healthy body. And there are no exceptions for that.

Make an experiment and count how many times a day you felt stressed, what were the reasons and did you do anything to overcome that? Or did you just swallow it with another portion of stress at work or at home? Our minds need rest and even some minutes of peace and relaxation. It is not only about staying alone away from your kids or reading your favouite book in silence, those are also one of the best methods you can choose. But…What if you have to deal with stress every day and have no escape from it? What if you are a stay at home mother of two kids, a toddler and an infant? What if your job is closely related to constant stress and there is no way out for? What if your child is having a hard period, be it teenage years or toddler tantrums? We have to learn to live with that and find some energy to look for a way out. To some people this is a normal everyday routine and they see no difference between stress and peace. They simply forget that there must be a retreat hours/day/week for them.

What if I tell you there is a very natural method to overcome your mental difficulties? The nature has it all for us, there is nothing left to create or invent. Natural alchemy or aromatherapy can cure literally anything: from mood changes to a vicious circle of stress.

I have heard many stories from mothers, they want to be able to manage everything in their life: home, kids, work, travelling. Some do manage, some break and destroy their mental health and find themselves in a state of hopelessness. Because we are born to become mothers, it does not mean we can do everything and our mind cannot manage the physical and mental flow we get every day. So, please, stop for a moment and think: where does your mind need help? Some need more restful sleep, some refuse it and continue being workaholics. It is not only about using essential oils because they relax your thoughts and intentions, they help just break the routine by prompting that it is YOUR time to do something for yourself, your health and well being.

You do not need any special aromatherapy equipment to use the oils, just use it as a perfume, use it anywhere on your body. Apply it on skin and enjoy the natural essences. This is about staying closer to the inner yourself when you start realizing how far we have gone from the source of everything – the Mother Nature.

I have had a few mothers who never believed in aromatherapy but did give it a try anyway because there seemed to be no way out of their stressful life. I told myself, I would never ask a client about his experience with my product until they write me a message about it themselves. Which means they are into natural skin care, be it a positive or negative feedback. The first bottles of aromatherapy did their work excellently. As a mother I know how it feels to do dozens of tasks a day. I also know how to stop and relax and I also know that I want to do it using only natural ingredients, without intoxicating my body.

Whenever I feel I can’t manage it myself, I feel too tired to fall asleep, I feel my mood is hitting back with its silly changes and hurts people around me, whenever I know this is the moment when I would love to have a shoulder to lean on and cry, I take my bottle of oil and apply 2 drops on my neck. I can simply sniff fom the bottle and feel the comforting scent of oils, this brings me back to myself, to my inner strong woman. With time the scent makes you get used to it and you want to go back to it. Do not be afraid to use the oils a few times a day or mix them, just follow the rules for one application.

And remember, your well being and peace mean well being of your kids and your family. From time to time we, women, need mental therapy in its best positive meaning and we must accept this fact, do not get lost in your own stress routine, seek for help but start with the natural remedies. Go for your elopement day for spa or a simple change of a haircut, when there seems to be no way out and no help around, remember you have that magic aromatherapy bottle in your purse which is always there to help you! The nature has it all for us!


Apply aromatherapy oil at any time of the day, carry it with you in your purse, treat it as your best friend, respect the quantity (only a couple of drops per application) and enjoy the quintessence of nature!


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