Balancing mind and soothing skin

AromaBotany Skin Care Collection

The most powerful curated active ingredients have become part of Aromatherapeutic Skin Care Collection. A range of organic products designed for Slow Beauty rituals for all skin types. The most efficient actives grown and sourced in Europe to fight daily stress and protect your skin from air pollution.

Aromatherapy + Slow Botanical Care= Slow AromaBotany (C)

Brain-Skin Connection: Stress, Inflammation and Skin Aging

There is a lot of evidence that because of our hectic lifestyle, lack of sleep, constant psychological stress situations, our skin gets tired and dull. We have designed a new generation skin care which combines aromatherapy and organic soothing ingredients which help you combat exhaustion, stress, insomnia, mood swings and get a healthy, dewy complex

 “The intricate relationship between stress and skin conditions has been documented since ancient times. Recent clinical observations also link psychological stress to the onset or aggravation of multiple skin diseases. However, the exact underlying mechanisms have only been studied and partially revealed in the past 20 years or so…. Recent research has confirmed skin both as an immediate stress perceiver and as a target of stress responses. As the largest organ of the body, skin plays important barrier and immune functions, maintaining homeostasis between external environment and internal tissues…”   Learn more about the connection between stress and skin health.
Active constituents and components which make our skin care exceptionally amazing

Face Oil Concentrate and Body Oil reduce transepidermal water loss in all skin types. They are rich in oleic fatty acid (Omega 9), linoleic fatty acid (Omega 6), beta-sitosterols (phytosterols), tocopherols (antioxidants), beta-carotene (plant vitamin A), squalane.

 Azulene and Matricin have potent anti-inflammatory, skin healing properties.

Bisabolol is recognized as a powerful anti-inflammatory active compound which makes it perfect for soothing acne prone and sensitive skin. 

Plant Squalane helps restore the lipid barrier and protects the skin from dehydration.

Antioxidants (diterpenes phenols, carnosic acid non-GMO tocopherols) are a powerful anti-aging agents, they block the action of free radicals on the skin, in particular reduce cellular damage related to UV exposure, have anti-inflammatory benefits on the skin, help maintain skin elasticity and moisture by strengthening the skin’s hydrolipidic film, improves skin microcirculation. 

Neryl acetate, a natural constituent in essential oils, an ester which has  antispasmodic properties, is also a molecule of good mood, this essential oil constituent helps fight stress and fears.

Alpha-pinenes, the key constituent in the essential oils we use and and one of the most powerful terpenes as well, have anti-inflammatory benefits, increases alertness and fights anxiety.

Italidiones (diterpene ketones which are rare) which, in addition to strong anti-fungal and healing properties, give a major anticoagulant action have also positive action on lymph and blood circulation which helps relieve stress and tension thus reduce skin redness and sensitivity.

Botanical Aromatherapy

The unique essential oil blend made of rare and precious oils creates a warm deep rich earthy, green herbaceous aroma with a mellow woody-herbaceous and tobacco-like drydown. 

All the products of the edition have calming, relaxing effect. They restore the nervous system and help with inner peace, sleep, restlessness, irritability and general nervous tension. A peaceful, calming scent provides inner harmony and decreases overthinking, anxiety and worry.

When you apply face oil or aromatherapy oil, the essential oils get into contact with your skin and nose. When the scent of an essential oil is inhaled, molecules enter the nasal cavities and stimulate a firing of mental response in the limbic system of the brain. These stimulants regulate stress or calming responses, such as heart rate, breathing patterns, production of hormones and blood pressure.

Native organic European plants (immortelle, German chamomile, angelica root, yarrow, true lavender) help fight stress and change your daily skin care regimen by turning it into a one-stop aroma treatment which not only affects your brain through your nose but also gets into your blood stream using the tiniest molecules by dramatically improving your skin condition day by day and providing long lasting results.

Slow AromaBotany will include:

Face Oil Concentrate



Cleansing Oil

Oil Cleansing Method at its best

Hydrosol Synergy



Aroma Oils & Perfumes


Bath & Body Oil


Expected release: October-December 2017