All our products are 100% natural and toxin free.

Our products are hand made and packed with lots of love and care. We focus on highly efficient plant oils, extracts, essential oils and other bio-active ingredients which help balance, replenish, protect and hydrate your skin in the most natural way.

All our products are packed in high quality violet or amber glass bottles and jars to protect them from sun light and extend their shelf life.


We are committed to eco-friendly and sustainable ingredients and packaging.

Our face & body products are packed into violet glass bottles (+cotton pouches or recycled paper wrap) which include PET caps. PET is actively recycled to be re-used for consumer products in Western Europe. Please sort your garbage appropriately according to your country rules.

Our soaps are packed in recycled/bamboo paper boxes and recycled tissue paper. Soap can also be purchased as loose soap to reduce waste. Use code LOOSESOAP at checkout to get a discount.

Our shipment packaging is 100% recyclable. We do not use any plastic filling.

We use high quality sustainable ingredients. Our products do not contain palm oil or any other ingredients which face extinction or threaten the existence of animals.