Directions for powders: Please use dry clean hands to take powder out of the bottle, if necessary use a small ceramic/wooden/bamboo bowl to mix the powder with water. Use wooden/ceramic/bamboo bowls and spoons to pre-mix powders. Please do not use metal ones! Clay draws out toxins.

Directions for butters/balms/creams/deodorants: Please use dry clean hands when taking solid butters out of jars. This will help avoid mold and will prolong the shelf life of the product.

Directions for serums: Please use 5-10 drops, apply on finger tips and gently massage your skin.

For all products: Jars/bottles/dropper bottles must avoid contact with water! A little goes a long way! Oils/butters/powder must be used in small amounts. You can always add more if necessary but it is hard to reduce it when it is on skin.

Directions & Precaution Information for loose soaps:

EN Directions: apply on a wet sponge or pouf for extra suds. Soap will last longer if kept dry between uses. Caution: Use only as directed. Do not use this product: if you are allergic to any of its ingredients; on irritated skin; if rash, redness or itching occurs. Do not ingest. If soap comes into contact with eyes, flush thoroughly with water. Consult your physician if irritation persists. Keep away from pets & children. Natural soaps may make your tub/shower more slippery. Please keep the labels for future reference.

NL Opgepast: zeep kan sporen van noten bevatten. Gebruik enkel zoals voorgeschreven. Gebruik dit product niet als je allergisch bent voor een van de ingredienten. Niet in aanraking komen met geirriteerde huid. Raadpleeg je huisdokter bij zwangerschap of medische behandeling. Niet eetbaar. Vermijd contact met ogen en mond, bij contact spoel weg met water. Bij blijvende irritaties raadpleeg je huisarts. Hou de zeep buiten bereik van huisdieren en kinderen tenzij onder toezicht van volwassenen. Natuurlijke zeep maakt je bad of douche gladder.

Why choose artisan soaps made with natural ingredients?

Handcrafted products have always been unique both for personal use and for making presents. These days you can’t really find soaps made only with natural ingredients unless they are handcrafted by an experienced soap maker who focuses on natural living. It is also difficult to find unscented soaps and a soap range devoted to sensitive skin.

Do you have all the necessary certificates for your soaps? Have they been tested by an authorized institution?

Yes, our soaps have all the necessary documents to be ready to be sold to customers. We comply with the current EC Directives & Regulations (dd 2013) on Cosmetic products. At the moment it is not necessary to test soaps but have all the recipes checked and approved by a professional assessor (chemist).

Why are artisan soaps more expensive than commercial soaps?

Most natural artisan products are expensive. There are a few reasons for that: using natural/bio/eco/non-GMO etc. ingredients instead of chemicals, manual work (including packaging, wrapping, etc.), most artisan soaps are made in small quantities thus raw materials are not bought in bulk either as many soap factories do which increases the price of soap.

Besides that we use unique natural ingredients which makes our soaps exclusive on the soap market. The whole concept of our soaps & packaging has a special character, we work hard at every soap project, consider every ingredient and make the best of soap experience you may find.

Where can I read more about your ingredients?

Please see the menu on our blog: clays, botanicals, oils and butters, other ingredients.

Why do your soaps scent much less than soaps I buy from the supermarket?

Most of our soaps (90%) are unscented. Some ingredients like honey, herbs add a light scent.

For the lightly scented soaps we use only pure essential oils for scent which may partly evaporate due to the soapmaking process or cure time. Our soaps do not have any strong scents, we tend to have more soaps without one because there are more and more people who have allergies and are sensitive to various kinds of scent.

Do your soaps have an expiry date?

No. Soaps tend to become harder, long lasting and milder as they cure.

Can I buy soap before it is fully cured?

Yes, send us a message on our FB page or at info/at/ Sometimes we let soaps be sold before they are cured but in any case after the purchase you must let them cure for full 6 weeks.

Can your soaps be used both for my face and body?

Yes, all of our soaps can be used both for your face and body. We usually give all the necessary information in the description for each kind of soap. As long as you prefer to use soap on your face, our soaps can be used. Please follow our description for each soap to find the one which will suit your skin type.

How long will a bar of soap last?

It will last up to 3 months depending on the usage. Artisan natural soaps do last long if you keep them dry between uses. Keep your soap in a quality draining soap dish and away from direct water streams.

Are your soaps 100% natural?

Yes, we are proud to say that! You need lye, water and oils to make a good bar of soap. Soap qualities depend on the oils used. We use extra additives to give our soaps beneficial qualities for your skin. All our raw materials are natural, we DO NOT use any chemical additives.

Can I have allergy if I use your soaps?

Yes, if you did not know you had allergy for a certain product. So please make sure and read our ingredients lists and labels before buying and using our soaps. We make our soaps according to the current European cosmetics standards and use all ingredients in proportions allowed by the directives for cosmetics. We use essential oils which have a low amount of allergens in their composition.

Do your soaps have any healing properties?

We add natural additives to our soaps, so all botanicals, clays, essential oils, etc. can help your skin if it is irritated, dry, etc. We have a full list of ingredients we use in our soaps and we do our best to keep it updated. There you can find all the properties of oils, botanicals, clays and other possible ingredients. You can find the list on the website. But please remember a soap is a rinse-off product, it is not supposed to moisturize your skin but clean it. Natural soaps have many benefits but cannot substitute a good natural oil or cream.

Can soaps with charcoal, clays, etc. stain towels, linen?

Yes, they can. So be careful while using them. The only way to avoid stains is to rinse your skin more thoroughly than usual.

Where are your products made?

Our products are made in our small manufacture in Belgium & Poland which comply with GMP regulations (Good Manufacturing Practice). It means that we do our best to keep our manufacture clean and hygienic. Our main philosophy is to keep our business eco-friendly so it is maintained in everything, including equipment for soap making, wrapping, packaging, labeling, and cleaning the soap making equipment, etc.

Can children use your soaps?

Yes. Please check every soap description before using it for kids. Some essential oils cannot be used for kids, however we choose the best and most delicate essential oils with the proper proportions for each product. We usually mark each kind of soap if it can be used for kids. If you have any doubts about a certain ingredient, please contact your doctor. We recommend to use only unscented Pure Soaps for children under 3 such as Castile soap.