When you start using natural shampoo bars, your hair will need a few days/weeks to adjust. Commercial shampoos cover your hair with silicone chemicals to make it look nice and healthy. So the first few days/weeks your hair may look greasy and heavy. Keep on using the natural shampoo bar and in a few weeks/days you will see a big difference.
You can also try a hair clarifier to get rid of silicone on your hair: make a baking soda solution with water (1 tbsp soda:1 cup water) and wash your hair before using our shampoo bar. Soda solution may wash off some colour too if you dye your hair. Use this method a couple of times.
We also highly recommend to rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar (white vinegar, lemon juice or any other vinegar of 5-7% acidity, preferably organic) solution (1-2 tbsp vinegar for 1 cup of water) as a hair conditioner. This rinse is a perfect combination with a natural shampoo bar.

However, some of our customers find our shampoo bars good enough without any vinegar rinse, try both ways and choose the one which suits your hair.

The recipe we use is loved and made by many soapmakers who use natural ingredients. Our shampoo bars are suitable for any hair type. We use the same base recipe but we combine it with different additives which add extra benefits to our shampoo soaps and your hair.

The description above can be found on the websites of other natural soap producers. This method is used by many people who want to switch to natural skin care cosmetics and do not wish to return to commercial shampoos anymore. If you think you have no time or patience to use it, then the only way is to go back to commercial soaps and shampoo. We receive a lot of positive feedback and gratitude e-mails from our customers regarding our shampoo bars. We recommend to have a few days/weeks of patience & you will never want to use even shampoo from bio shops many of which do contain chemical additives.


Wet your hair with lots of warm water

Lather soap in your hands or directly on your hair

Massage your hair (the soap has a round shape which is very comfortable for long hair)

Rinse you hair thoroughly with warm water (it is very important to rinse your hair with lots of water)

Optional: rinse your hair with apple cider/white vinegar solution (1-2 tbsp:1 cup of water or just use 1:10 ratio). Keep a separate bottle for the solution and the vinegar bottle in your bathroom. If they are at your hand, it is easier to get used to the method. You can skip vinegar rinse if you have soft water or just because your hair feels good enough without it.

Do not forget to rinse your hair with water after vinegar solution!

Let your hair dry

If you have long dry/curly hair/frizzy you may want to use a few drops of Hair Oilon the ends of your hair (not on the roots!)

Use a wooden wide-tooth comb.


Do shampoo soaps have lots of lather, is it easy to use them?

Our shampoo bars have lots of nice natural lather, they are superfatted with natural oils such as castor, rapeseed and cocoa butter to nourish your hair.

Can shampoo soaps be used every day?

Although everyday hair wash is not recommended, well they talk about commercial liquid shampoos in this case which are too harsh for hair, natural shampoo bars can be used every day.

Why are shampoo soaps better for the environment?

By using shampoo soaps you save dozens of plastic bottles a year thus you reduce your plastic waste and help the environment.

How long will a shampoo bar last?

Shampoo soap will last much longer than conventional commercial shampoo bottles. It all depends on the length of your hair & how often you wash your hair.

Can I use natural shampoo soaps on coloured hair?

Yes, in fact natural shampoo soaps allow you to use hair dye, such as henna, less frequently. Our testers have confirmed that they use henna every 5 weeks, instead of 2-3 weeks as before.

Which conditioner can be used in combination with natural shampoo soaps?

Apple cider vinegar & white vinegar solution (1-2 tbsp+ 1 cup of water). Please see the directions of use.

Why are your shampoo soaps good for any type of hair?

Everyone is unique and everyone has a different hair type, it is true. But people get different hair conditions because of different factors: diet, hormones, water, previous shampoo & conditioner, hair dying, using a hair drier too often, etc. But if you simply follow our instructions, your hair will get into the normal hair type category. Please do remember that soaps cannot be all purpose remedy if you do not take care of your hair and diet.

Why is apple cider vinegar so important as a hair conditioner?

There are many reasons why this wonderful natural method is good for your hair:

it helps get rid of dandruff

it soften hard water

it will balance hair and scalp pH, especially the first few days when you start using natural shampoo bars

it will seal your hair cuticle

it is a natural detangler

Can your shampoo soaps be used for children?

Absolutely! But please watch out, because our shampoo bars are not tear free (such shampoos contain chemicals to become baby friendly).

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